Jardim Ultravioleta

2018 | video |  2’31” | color | stereo

On 12th July 2007, two telephoto lenses belonging to two Reuters journalists were misidentified as two RPG weapons. In Jardim Ultravioleta (Ultraviolet Garden), the image goes beyond its documentary condition. This consumption results in a strategy game mediated by the social media that organize reality as if it were a layer of make-up. Society is a stage which the world receives and sends on the same wavelength.

In the shadow of your mind there are new objects that cannot exist for itself.
I have ears that don’t listen.
I carry eyes but they don’t see.
Do I have something in my hands?
No, they are clean.
A piece of glass and of your heart that get locked in a corner.
I’m being chased. Chased!
The images of the world move as chess pieces obeying a destined strategy to capture me.
Life is a deposit of death.
I carry a grave behind my head.
Thanks to that, I have memory.