👉🏻 WRO 2019 Media Art Biennale / Human Aspect


“On its 30th anniversary, Poland’s largest show of international contemporary art, which commenced as the International Sound Basis Visual Art Festival in 1989 and has explored the development of communication tools ever since, offers a critical scrutiny of processes unfolding in culture, communication, and society by examining the HUMAN ASPECT from a post-technological perspective.

From mid-May till the end of 2019, a series of WRO events will explore the complexity of the current relations between the human and the technological, with the human as an initiator, a recipient, and sometimes a victim of these mutating interplays.

Over 1,750 entries from all over the world have been submitted to the biggest festival of contemporary art in Poland. They have all been thoughtfully examined and discussed by the WRO Art Center panel in recent weeks, and seventy works have been selected for presentation during the Biennale events, which begin in Wrocław on 15th May.”


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