Ariane is a deepfake video of Ariwasabi, the world’s most famous unknown model from the stock image website Shutterstock. Billions of people see her face on a regular basis but no one knows who she is. An image ghost. In a world where image broadcast is dictated by its usage, reality proves out to be schizophrenic. Machine learning is leading us to a future where new words can be put into speeches. Social media profile images and celebrities are transformed in to porn stars and video footage can be altered to put people in places where they never been. Leading us to believe that an event occurred in order to influence the opinion and feed one new type of invisible and unknown violence.
For our pupils to get in touch with reality, which at the slightest miscalculation reveals itself to be pre-designed, eye drops are necessary.

Video Full HD, 03:01′, stereo

19th Media Art Biennale WRO 2021, Poland
Black Raven Award from The New Art Fest’20 (winner), Portugal
Miami New Media Festival, EUA
Alternative Video/Film, Serbia