Mammographies through Satellite

The utopian became real. For the first time, the new invention – Mammographies through Satellite! The improbable and unique Chinese point technology which is something that was never seen before in this planet and it came to revolutionize the instantaneous exam satellite.

The planet earth is surrounded by 230 satellites incorporated with thermal sensors of high sensibility, capable of detecting multiple breasts through an impressive speed of 27 000 kilometers per hour, under and outside of water and even inside of telephone booths!

Mammographies through satellite. The sky doesn’t have limits.


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The video installation stands as a satire about the human condition, reflecting on how our collective experience is currently guided through high technology. A tomorrow where this technology guides and defines us. This tomorrow is getting nearer and prompting us to believe that medical exams via laser are a possibility. Exams made possible through a satellite orbiting space.
This tale, that sounds impossible and improbable, is actually based on a true story. The events took place in São Bartolomeu de Messines, a small Portuguese village and the artist’s hometown, in 2002.

This was actually a scheme, in the form of a prank, fabricated by a doctor. The woman announced this exam as the next big thing in NASA satellite technology. Around 30 women were told to show their breasts at their windows or in specific public spaces, according to a time schedule determined by the doctor. During this period of time, a satellite positioned near the city would fire a laser and capture an image that would originate an instantaneous mammogram.

This epic case came to an end when the exam was revealed to be a fraud. Nevertheless, before this, many women exposed their breasts at the top of a hill, called Penedo Grande, located near the village. The same phenomenon happened in public bathrooms, by their windows and even inside Messines sole phone booth, located near the local market.