Estivador de Imagens




Through the sculpture and its modelling, the work revels a diverse range of concerns, such as the level of processing to which the collected data is subjected and the various automated platforms that contribute to the construction of a landscape that is stratified and condensed in real time. Our position in the space makes us complicit in this voyeuristic process, which is continually broken down and reconstructed by the movement of the image between the planes/membranes, finally escaping us through the indistinct shape reflected by the mirror. The docker (estivador) is the work’s process of construction itself, as well as its critical element, as model for redefining the technological matrices of the visual space, and thus of the perceptual capacities of the observer.

Sculpture Info

11'59", 1080p, Full HD, Color, Spatial Sound, 4 mirrors, 4 plexiglass tubes, acrylic sheet, 4 speakers, 300 x 300 x 210 cm


MNAC, Lisbon, 2017