Static is an interactive performance developed through images and sounds interaction/ manipulation on a photoluminescent and modular sculpture created with recycled plastic. The construction of an audiovisual dialog arises from visible and audible statics derived from the explosion that gave origin to the Universe. One small percentage of the white noise comes from the Big Bang, as result the static contains information that help us to understand and analyze stars born, planet and comets. The performance begins with sounds and frequencies from space recorded by NASA, that helps to analyze planets and, as consequence, our position as Humans in the Universe. Static represents a process of transformation, recreation and exploration. It’s the beginning and the ending of the creating act.

Performance Info

30'00", 167 x 103 x 73 cm, Recycle acrylic, aluminium, iron, photoluminescent ink, proximity sensor, arduino, computer and PAD mini controller.


Zé Galeria dos Bóis, Lisbon and Bairros das Artes - Ocupart, Lisbon.